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Experience Better Bladder Control with Healthy Bladder Plus ®

Healthy Bladder Plus® is a dietary supplement and natural overactive bladder treatment for men and women who have problems with bladder control and urinary tract infections. Clinical trials have shown that women taking Healthy Bladder Plus® have experienced significant:

  • Natural UTI prevention
  • Relief from urinary urgency
  • Improvement in sleep due to reduced nighttime frequency
  • Improvement in bladder emptying
  • Reductions in leakage
  • Benefits in social confidence
  • Relief from embarrassing situations

Healthy Bladder Plus – Video Testimonial

Does Your Bladder Control You?

One out of three women struggle to control their bladder. You might be one of them if you experience:


Frequent Bathroom Trips

You don't need to plan your trip around your bathroom trips.

You feel tired during the day because you have to wake up several times at night to use the bathroom.


Discomfort From Pads

And the expense that goes with it.

You’re never sure when your bladder might leak, so you wear bulky pads or disposable underwear.

When your bladder is weak, you lose control of your pelvic floor muscles, causing accidental leaks.

Embarrassing Mishaps

Like when you pick up heavy objects, like your grandkids.

When your bladder is weak, you lose control of your pelvic floor muscles, causing accidental leaks.


Urinary Tract Infections

You're lucky if you've never had one.

Poor bladder health can lead to a painful UTI, which results in a burning sensation when you urinate.

Take Control of Your Bladder with our
Natural Overactive Bladder Treatment

It doesn’t just cover up the symptoms, it goes straight to the source of the problem. With the Healthy Bladder Plus® solution, you can look forward to:

healthy bladder plus - bladder supplement
A Full Night’s Sleep

With our natural bladder control, you can look forward to a good night’s sleep, long road trips, and all the activities you love.

Trusting Your Bladder

How does it sound to say goodbye to bulky pads or disposable underwear? Our bladder supplement can help you take control.

More Laughter

You can laugh, sneeze, cough and live a more active life without worrying about leaks.

Freedom From Fear

Rather than living in fear of your next accident, live your life with confidence, knowing your bladder won’t let you down.

Restored Balance

Be well, live well. Our supplement can help your body regain balance and make urinary tract infections a thing of the past.

Being Satisfied

with a great product that really works . . . and recommending it to your friends.

I am going on vacation for the first time in a long while. Without your product, I would not feel comfortable traveling. This has truly changed my life for the better and allowed me freedom that I haven’t had in years.

– Nicole P.

I made the mistake of stopping my Healthy Bladder Plus for a couple of months, thinking I didn’t really need it that much. That turned out to be a disaster. I didn’t realize how much Healthy Bladder was doing for me. I went back on it and after only one day it cut my problem in half! It still continues to improve. I’m never going off again.

–  Joan R

Why Healthy Bladder Plus® is a Superior Product …

3 Ways to Purchase

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Always Free Shipping on all orders of our flagship product Healthy Bladder Plus®


Set up Automatic Shipments getting 2 bottles every 2 months for 20% off and forget the hassle of having to order every month.

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Order 2 at a time and get 10% off. Order 3 or more at a time and get 15% off automatically.

Read about the Clinical Trials that show Healthy Bladder Plus® provided improvement of bladder symptoms in 72.6% of Participants.

Healthy Bladder Plus® is All Natural

Our overactive bladder treatment is a dietary supplement made from thirteen carefully selected ingredients that work together in harmony to promote overall urinary tract health. Each ingredient was selected for a specific reason.

Created Responsibly

without the use of harmful pesticides, additives or toxins.

A Holistic Approach

to targeting bladder, kidneys, and all aspects of urinary tract health.


extraction methods deliver the maximum bio-available nutrition.

100% Vegetarian

and gluten-free ingredients so it's compatible with all diets.

Sustainably Grown

and wild-crafted herbs are harvested at peak potency.

Clinically tested

and backed by scientific evidence as shown by clinical trials.

Made in the USA

carefully crafted, manufactured and tested in the USA.

Superior Ingredients

made from Myrrh Gum, Flax Seed and eleven other healthy botanicals.

What People are Saying . . .

Here are some stories from our customers about how Healthy Bladder Plus® has positively changed their lives and helped them regain control of their bladder.

I finally managed to swallow my male pride and take this stuff when my wife convinced me. And guess what? I stopped getting up 3 or 4 times a night to pee and I have so much more energy throughout the day now.

Bob J Happy Customer

I want to thank and credit this wonderful product for allowing me to keep my job. I have a busy and demanding job, and I just can’t take bathroom breaks every hour, and certainly not right in the middle of dealing with a customer.

Tanya D Reno, NV

I wish they would invent a new word in the English language to describe my relief at having my bladder problems finally taken care of. Relief just doesn’t cut it. It is like having a ton of bricks taken off my back. Life is so, so much better now.

Marsha Plano TX

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Experience Enhanced Bladder Control with Healthy Bladder Plus