Healthy Bladder


10 Apr: Healthy Bladder Plus™: Ingredient Profiles Part I

Healthy Bladder Plus™ promotes optimum bladder function and overall urinary tract health. This product combines minerals and carefully-crafted, natural herbal extracts chosen specifically to help fortify bladder health. Our extraction method ensures that each mineral and herb delivers full benefits without the addition of harmful chemicals or compounds. But just…


20 Mar: The Healthy Bladder Plus™ Solution

If pads and adult diapers do not sound appealing and the side effects of prescription bladder leakage products worry you, Healthy Bladder Plus™ offers safe, clinically proven relief. In clinical trials, participants experienced reduced urinary urgency and reduced incidence of bladder leakage after only one week. Healthy Bladder Plus contains…


05 Mar: Find Freedom From Embarrassing Accidents

No woman should have to worry about her bladder embarrassing her, but urinary incontinence is an unfortunately common issue. Many women wear pads and disposable underwear on a daily basis to catch and hide accidents while others lack social confidence because of the fear and anxiety that comes from constantly…