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Bladder Health and Kidney Infections

Bladder leakage products may be necessary if you’re experiencing a change in bladder health. We’ve previously discussed a number of different ways that you can prevent a urinary tract infection, but are your bladder and UTIs linked to each other? Well, according to an article from Healthline, “urinary incontinence isn’t a condition; it’s a symptom.” They also note that “incontinence could be a sign of something simple like too much fluid consumption, but it also can signal a more serious problem, like a urinary tract infection.” Unfortunately, as we all know, urinary tract infections, if left untreated, can also lead to a serious kidney infection.

A urinary tract infection can unfortunately extend all the way into your kidneys. Generally, only your urethra and bladder are infected, but, if left untreated, a urinary tract infection can make its way up to your kidneys and cause your body some serious problems. A couple of the ways you can tell if you might be experiencing a painful kidney infection are:

  • if you have a fever,
  • if you have the chills,
  • if you feel sick,
  • if there’s a persistent sick feeling,
  • if you have an unsettled stomach or queasiness,
  • if there’s blood in your urine,
  • if there’s pain when you urinate,
  • or if you’re experiencing back pain.

If you experience any of these symptoms, don’t hesitate to see a doctor. He or she will do a number of tests to fully determine the extent of the problem and get you treated. A urinalysis, kidney ultrasound, and physical exam are often needed in this case. Don’t worry though, because treatment of a kidney infection won’t necessarily require you to stay in the hospital. If you can get around well, your doctor may also prescribe you with antibiotics and send you on your way.

As you’ve hopefully seen, kidney infections can be a real pain and you should do everything you can to avoid getting one. If you think you have a urinary tract infection, see your doctor as soon as possible; don’t wait until your symptoms get worse. UTIs are treated with relative ease and, although uncomfortable, are far less painful than a kidney infection. Your doctor may be able to recommend some bladder leakage products to you that can reduce the risks of a urinary tract infection while also providing you with incontinence care.

For many women (and men!), urinary incontinence doesn’t feel like a symptom when they’re experiencing it—it feels like a condition. It can be frustrating to schedule your life around trips to the bathroom. After all, most people aren’t inconvenienced by their bathroom habits. But, for you, when it’s time to go, it’s time to go.

Healthy Bladder Plus™ may help as well. With thirteen all natural ingredients that work together in harmony to promote overall urinary tract health, urinary tract infections and other bladder leakage products may end up being a thing of the past for you. Our product is a dietary supplement that supports complete urinary tract health for women (and men!). Try a bottle today and enjoy free shipping on all orders!

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