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Bladder Problems in Women: Is it Possible to Get Good Sleep?

Bladder problems in women can make getting a restful night’s sleep an incredibly difficult task. You know that getting the right amount of rest each night is absolutely necessary, and we’ve previously discussed that going to bed earlier to accommodate your nightly trips to the restroom is wise. It is, however, easy to make time for other things at the expense of getting plenty of sleep. There are a couple of reasons why that might be a bad idea and why you should make getting lots of rest more of a priority.

  • Science has shown that a good night’s sleep can contribute to better overall health and can ward off more severe health problems.
  • If you feel rested in the morning when you begin your day, you’re more likely to be in a better mood. When you don’t feel like the walking dead, you’re not going to be as cranky.
  • You may have also noticed that your thinking is often much more clear when you aren’t sleep deprived. Your brain works better when it’s given the downtime it needs.
  • Along with clearer thinking, your memory improves when you get a good night’s sleep as well. Research shows that memories are stored more efficiently when your brain is working at full capacity after restful sleep.

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