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What Is An Overactive Bladder?

What Is An Overactive Bladder?   The statistics on the prevalence of overactive bladder in the United States are staggering. One in three women in the U.S. has or has had symptoms of overactive bladder. What does this term really mean, and what are the warning signs and symptoms?   Basically, overactive…

Supplements That Support Overall Health

Supplements That Support Overall Health

Are you looking for Supplements that Support Overall Health? We all know that Bladder health is important to your overall health—that’s why we developed our flagship product Healthy Bladder Plus and that’s why we write and maintain this blog devoted to bladder health! Bladder issues can cause your overall health to suffer,…

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Looking for Natural Solutions for Bladder Health?

Natural Solutions for Bladder Health Modern western medicine has many drugs and surgeries that can help with common and chronic bladder problems such as incontinence, but are there natural solutions for bladder health? Of course there are. There are exercises, lifestyle changes, and a range of herbal supplements that can…