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It’s surprising how many women will live with the symptoms of an overactive bladder and not even realize that their life could be any different. Women are strong and used to taking care of everyone else before themselves. So when they experience strange symptoms that decrease their quality of life, many just find coping mechanisms instead of seeking bladder leakage treatment. Living with the embarrassment and anxiety becomes a regular part of their routine. In most cases, this reluctance to seek bladder...


Nighttime frequency, also called nocturia, is simply the frequent need get up to use the restroom while you’re trying to sleep. For most, getting up in the middle of the night to pee is unnecessary because their bodies produce more concentrated (and therefore less) urine while asleep, but others struggle with this issue on a regular basis. Do you struggle with nighttime frequency? Could any of these factors be affecting your condition? Common Factors Of Nocturia Age Our bodies naturally produce an antidiuretic...