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Whether you suffer from female urinary incontinence or not, you probably want to look and feel your best. We’re all concerned about maintaining a healthy weight and have read the reports about how toxic sugar can be to the body. Not only is it toxic, but it’s one of the most addictive substances in the world, so even though we know what it’s doing to us, we just can’t give up the sweet treats. We Consume Tons Of Sugar Don’t buy it?...


When you consider that one in three women struggles to control her bladder, it becomes clear that much of the time these women spend managing their incontinence symptoms is time spent at work. Your responsibilities, deadlines, and meetings give you enough to deal with while you’re on the job, so adding bladder leakage to that list can disrupt your workday and cause a lot of frustration. Consider These Tips For Incontinence Care At Work: Limit Liquid Intake Keeping your bladder emptier during the...