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Are Bladder Health and Happiness Connected? We've mentioned before that we strongly believe that bladder health is tied directly to overall health. Healthy Bladder = Happy Life. We absolutely believe this is the case and it's one of the reasons we do what we do. Think about it for a second. Don't you just enjoy life more when you're not feeling weighed down by some type of physical issue? Whether it's a headache, a sore back, a toothache, or urinary incontinence, when...


Are you looking for Supplements that Support Overall Health? We all know that Bladder health is important to your overall health—that’s why we developed our flagship product Healthy Bladder Plus and that’s why we write and maintain this blog devoted to bladder health! Bladder issues can cause your overall health to suffer, so it’s important to do everything you can to keep your whole body healthy. That's why finding the right supplements that support overall health is so important. Keep in mind that, if...