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Even More Connections Between a Healthy Bladder and a Comfortable Bedroom

When it comes to healthy bladder tips, we’re on a roll. In our last couple of blogs (see this one for tips on colors to use in your bedroom and this one for tips on how to stay comfortable in your bedroom), we’ve focused on the connection between your bedroom and your bladder. Allow us to do a short recap—here at the Healthy Bladder Plus blog, we strongly believe that women should work to cultivate a life that is full of health. One of the ways to do this is to look over every aspect of your life. Our current focus is how your bedroom makes you feel. Go ahead and check out the blogs we mentioned above and see what we mean!

Our healthy bladder tips for the day are going to continue to focus on your bedroom, because after all, if you’re not comfortable in your bedroom, you’re less likely to enjoy a restful night’s sleep. Here are a few more tips:

  • We’ve talked before about how helpful it can be to get yourself a plant. Bring the outdoors into your bedroom, because having a plant has been scientifically shown to relieve stress. It doesn’t necessarily have to be anything big, but having something green in your room will make you feel good every time you look at it.
  • Getting rid of any clutter will help you to feel more at ease as well. Like our mom always said, “clean your house and clean your mind.” We’ve absolutely found that to be true. Think about it—don’t you just feel so much better when there are no clothes on the floor and no clutter on your nightstand?
  • Don’t hesitate to change things up a bit. If you’re unsure about how the painting above the bed looks, try it on a different wall. Regardless of how long things have been the way they are, even a small change can make a big difference in the feel and mood of your room. Try something new or do something you’ve always wanted to and focus on enjoying it.

Why not try one (or all) of these tips today? You deserve to have a home that you enjoy. You deserve to be comfortable in your bedroom. You deserve to get a good night’s rest. Because after all, seeking health in all aspects of your life is important. If you’re suffering from urinary urgency and are looking for a product, give Healthy Bladder Plus a try! For a limited time, we’re offering a free bottle of our product to new customers who use coupon code “firsttimecustomerfree” at checkout. Give it a try today!

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