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Have You Heard About The Pee-Proof Underwear?

Women everywhere have been talking about THINX, the underwear that’s designed to set us free from tampons and maxi pads, not to mention the shame of leaking during menstruation.

Made up of four ultra-thin, antimicrobial, moisture-wicking, leak-resistant, and absorbent micro-layers, THINX underwear can be worn all day during your period and are guaranteed not to spring a leak.

They’re pretty incredible and we’ve yet to read a review in which THINX failed to live up to their stain-fighting potential. But what about women who need incontinence care rather than menstruation care?

It turns out that the creators of THINX also have a product called Icon that’s designed specifically for the purpose of providing discreet, stylish, effective incontinence care!

“We don’t believe in TMI. Instead, we think that no woman should be held back by her body,” write the creators of Icon Pee-Proof undies. “One in three women experience light bladder leaks. We’re here to help keep you dry on the sly.”

Each pair of Icon panties is capable of absorbing five teaspoons of liquid, which is the equivalent of 500 drops that like to sneak out when you’re laughing or picking up something that’s kind of heavy.

These drops are quickly soaked up by Icon’s breathable, yet leak-proof fabric, meaning that you’ll never have to worry about unpleasant odors causing embarrassment.

If you’re tired of wearing bulky pantyliners or absorbent undergarments, Icon underwear might a great product for you to consider! Learn more about them at www.iconundies.com.

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