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Male Incontinence – What you need to know

Although no one really likes to talk about it, male incontinence is a far more common issue than many people think. Affecting a huge portion of the population, it’s true that women are more likely to experience the symptoms of poor bladder health than men, but millions of men deal with this unwanted issue too!

In fact, guys can sometimes find it even more difficult to acknowledge and seek help for bladder health issues because of the feeling that it makes them less manly or attractive to women. In reality, no adult ever wants to admit they’re having bladder issues, but if they are, it’s best to deal with it at the first sign of problems presenting themselves. The longer you wait to treat your urinary tract issues, the more difficult it will be correct them later down the line.

Things Every Man Should Know About Male Incontinence

If you’re a man who’s having trouble holding urine in or sleeping through the night because of how many times you have to urinate, here are some things you should know about male incontinence.


It Could Be Your Prostate

Most men experience the enlargement of their prostate as they age. As it grows bigger, the prostate has a tendency to interfere with the urethra by putting additional pressure on it. This results in overflow incontinence or the inability to pee even though the urge is strong.


Parkinson’s & Strokes Make It Worse

The risk for both of these medical conditions increases as men age, and with them comes an increased chance for incontinence. Parkinson’s, a stroke, multiple sclerosis, and even diabetes all have the potential to damage the nerves that help tell your bladder when it needs to be emptied.

“In addition, men are more likely to be involved in car or motorcycle accidents, workplace injuries or active-duty combat, which puts them at higher risk for spinal cord injuries that can trigger incontinence,” says Nancy Muller, Ph.D., executive director of the National Association for Continence, told Huffington Post.


Not All Absorbent Products Are Created Equal

Because incontinence issues are more prevalent among the female population, many adult absorbent products are designed with women in mind. This is great for them but not so great for men who’d like to protect themselves from embarrassing leakage throughout the day. Thankfully, the industry has started to become aware that men need products that work as well! “Men can find absorbent or disposable underwear, ranging from briefs to boxers, as well as compression pouches that support the urethra, in most pharmacies,” explains Huffington Post.


Kegels Work For Guys, Too

Pills and surgery aren’t your only option for improving male incontinence and other bladder health issues. Pelvic muscle exercises, often referred to as “Kegels” can help men regain control over urination as well. All it takes to practice these strength exercises is the ability to squeeze and hold the muscles that you’d normally use to stop in the middle of urination. In fact, learning to stop urinating mid-stream is a good way to locate these muscles so that you can contract them at different points during the day.


Skin Care Is Essential

Many men are familiar with the “two drops” of urine that have to be shaken off before zipping up their pants, but when significant bladder leakage occurs, just shaking isn’t enough. Be sure to take care of this “dribble” with toilet paper, and don’t be afraid to apply moisturizers or barrier creams that can soothe irritation in this sensitive area.


Natural Bladder Support Is Effective

It’s also important for men to realize that poor bladder health isn’t just something they have to live with for the rest of their lives. Steps can and should be taken to give your body what it needs for optimal bladder health. Our Healthy Bladder Plus™ product uses hand-selected natural ingredients to support your body’s ability to store and void liquid waste.

Check out our testimonial page to find out why Healthy Bladder Plus is the smartest thing any guy can do for improved bladder health!


Men can find relief from male incontinence with Healthy Bladder Plus Too!

It’s no secret that we’ve designed Healthy Bladder Plus™ with women in mind. After all, out of the 13 million people in the United States who live with poor bladder health, nearly 70 percent are women. Because of differences in the male and female urinary tract, along with the fact that women get pregnant, go through childbirth, and endure menopause, they’re twice as likely to experience incontinence no matter what their age.

However, we understand that this bladder health problem is by no means isolated to the female population. Although Healthy Bladder Plus was designed and branded for women, there’s absolutely no reason that men can’t use it to increase their own bladder health.

You might be surprised to learn that men have indeed used our products to manage their own overactive bladder and bladder leakage problems. And we’ve got the testimonials to prove it!

Here’s what a fellow named Bob J. had to say about his experience with our bladder health product:

“First of all, let me say that I am a man. That makes me a somewhat different customer for a women’s product, but to tell the truth, the only thing I can find out there for men are the prostate formulas, and they haven’t addressed my problem. I sure wish this company would make a product for us guys. I finally managed to swallow my male pride and take this stuff when my wife convinced me. She has been taking it for a while now and loves it, so I just started popping a few pills from her bottle. And guess what? I stopped getting up 3 or 4 times a night to pee! That was a really great result for me. Not being able to sleep because you are always being interrupted by having to go to the bathroom is hell. Now I sleep like a log, and I no longer care if I’m taking a woman’s product.”

Thanks for the great review Bob! We’re so thrilled to hear that Healthy Bladder Plus has helped you regain control of your bladder, reduced your incidents of male incontinence and restored your ability to sleep through the night!

Want to read more reviews from satisfied customers like Bob? Check out our testimonials page.

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