Looking for Natural Solutions for Bladder Health?

Natural Solutions for Bladder Health

Modern western medicine has many drugs and surgeries that can help with common and chronic bladder problems such as incontinence, but are there natural solutions for bladder health? Of course there are. There are exercises, lifestyle changes, and a range of herbal supplements that can help a great deal. In this blog post, we want to share with you various natural solutions for bladder health that have been shown to aid and support the overall health of your bladder. (Pro tip: We’ve already combined the most effective ingredients together for you in our flagship product, Healthy Bladder Plus)

Talking about unwanted bladder issues such as incontinence is not generally high on people’s to-do list, that is until it starts becoming a problem. According to the National Association for Continence, about 25 million Americans struggle every day with bladder control. Of those, 75 to 80% are women.

Exercises for Bladder Health

Kegel exercises – One of the top ways to strengthen your bladder is with Kegel Exercises. These involve flexing the muscles you use to stop the urinary flow. “Kegels are very useful for early stages of incontinence, and after a surgical repair to maintain pelvic floor tone over time,” says Philippe Zimmern, MD, a professor of urology at UT Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas. Consult a physical therapist about to do perform and how often. Many people see improvement after six to 12 weeks of sustained practice. You do have to keep doing the exercises to maintain the benefit, but it is quite easy to do as you can perform these exercises while sitting.

Physical fitness – Living a healthy lifestyle with regular exercise will help maintain your bladder health. Being overweight or in poor cardiovascular health will exacerbate many problems, including the health and function of your bladder. Excess belly fat puts pressure on the bladder and the pelvic muscles. Shedding the extra pounds if you are overweight can help restore your bladder control.

Bladder Training – Your bladder is basically a muscular sac in your pelvic area that stores wastewater and byproducts before being removed from the body. So think of your bladder like a muscle. While it may sound a little strange, you can train your bladder to improve its strength and elasticity. The key is to learn to put off the need to rush to the nearest bathroom. Try to delay urinating by 10 minutes at first and build up to 20 minutes. Eventually you will increase the time you can hold its contents so that you can comfortably use the restroom every few hours.

Natural Supplements for Bladder Health

Magnesium – Magnesium, which is an important mineral for proper muscle and nerve function throughout the body, may also ease incontinent symptoms. Some doctors believe that magnesium has the ability to relieve incontinence because it reduces bladder muscle spasms which allow the bladder to empty completely. In a study at Tel Aviv University, more than half of the 40 women who took magnesium hydroxide pills had improvements in their urinary incontinence and did not wake up as many times in the night to go to the bathroom. Including magnesium-rich foods in your diet, such as corn, potatoes, and bananas can help ease bladder problems such as incontinence.

Vitamin D – Vitamin D is well known to promote optimum calcium intake and overall good bone health. A 2010 study found that women 20 years and older who had vitamin D levels that were in a normal range were less likely to have any type of pelvic floor disorder, including incontinence. Unfortunately, many women are short on Vitamin D, also known as the sunshine vitamin. Be sure to meet your daily requirement (600 IU of vitamin D a day for women) with 30 minutes of sun, fortified milk, eggs, and fish.

Lifestyle changes for better bladder health

Quit smoking – If you needed another reason to quit smoking, add “antidote to incontinence” to the list. It has been well established that nicotine can irritate the bladder. A study conducted at the Aristotelian University of Thessaloniki suggests that heavy smokers are more likely to develop incontinent issues than nonsmokers. “Smokers tend to cough more than non-smokers and long-term, chronic coughing has been considered a risk factor for developing stress urinary incontinence and/or pelvic organ prolapse,” says Dr Zimmern.

Cut out caffeine – We love our caffeine, but it is a diuretic and can contribute to bladder irritation and stimulate muscle contractions, both of which can cause incontinence. “Caffeine is known to excite the brain, and since the control of the bladder is in the frontal lobe of our brains, it has an excitatory effect on the bladder as well, along with a slight diuretic effect,” says Dr Zimmern. “It’s best to avoid or restrict its use when you have incontinence, especially the urge form.”

Stay well hydrated – It sounds counterintuitive if you frequently have to use the bathroom, but drinking adequate amounts of water and other essential fluids are crucial in managing incontinence. If you don’t stay hydrated, you may well end up constipated, which can also irritate the bladder and cause incontinence. It’s recommended to drink between six and eight cups of fluid a day. Just be sure to drink the bulk of them during the day, so you don’t find yourself rushing to the bathroom during the night.

We designed Healthy Bladder Plus as the perfect Natural Solution for Bladder Health

Bladder leakage treatment that contains natural ingredients isn’t always an easy thing to find. It’s simple to find a product that makes over-the-top claims about its effectiveness, but what exactly is in those products? If you’re seeing words like microcrystalline cellulose, silicon dioxide, and magnesium stearate, you’re probably wondering what they are. We we’re wondering the same thing!

Providing people with a source for completely natural solutions for bladder health and bladder leakage treatment is the absolute most important thing to us. That’s why we’re happy to provide our customers with a list of every ingredient that goes into Healthy Bladder Plus™. Of course, you may not have heard of all of our natural ingredients. That’s why we’ve provided you with a quick write-up of what each ingredient is, where it comes from, and what it does as a bladder leakage treatment.

Natural ingredients don’t have crazy side effects for you to worry about. We’ve all seen the commercials for medications and come to the conclusion that the side effects are far worse than the condition itself. You can avoid all of that by using a natural product. If, like us, you’re conscious of what chemicals are doing to our planet, natural ingredients are an earth friendly to get the nutrients your body and bladder needs for optimum health, while feeling good about the potential impact your actions have. Fewer chemicals in our air and water mean a happier planet which means happier people. If natural bladder leakage treatment is important to you, Healthy Bladder Plus™ contains only natural ingredients. Try a bottle today; it may just be able to provide the relief you’ve been searching for.

Why We Use Natural Ingredients

Bladder problems in women are extremely common and can be difficult to deal with. This is even truer when synthetic ingredients are used for treatment. Many people these days strive to fill their diets with natural foods because avoiding harsh chemicals and synthetic ingredients are important to them. More and more research suggests that harmful chemicals are even more dangerous than we’ve previously thought; what’s more, they’re often not very effective. Artificial preservatives aren’t something a lot of informed people want to knowingly put into their bodies.

You already know the benefits of using all-natural products—there are no side effects (unless you’re allergic to a particular ingredient), they’re friendly to the earth, and they aren’t harmful to your system. Contrast this with nearly any medicine you’ve seen a commercial for recently. Side effects can range from inconvenient to downright terrifying. Sometimes these side effects even seem worse than the initial problem you’re dealing with! We just don’t think it’s worth it most of the time.

Natural solutions for bladder health can be hard to find. That’s why Healthy Bladder Plus™ contains thirteen carefully selected ingredients that work together in harmony to promote overall urinary tract health and may reduce the effects of bladder problems in women. After all, doesn’t flaxseed, Indian mango, Bermuda grass, and banyan tree sound better than aspartame, azodicarbonamide, erythorbic acid, and dioctyl sodium sulfosuccinate? Check out our full list of ingredients and if you are ready to order, take advantage of our free shipping. Bladder problems in women don’t have to be dealt with by using unnatural chemicals; try a bottle of Healthy Bladder Plus™ today!

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