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Natural UTI Prevention with Healthy Bladder Plus?

Natural UTI Prevention with Healthy Bladder Plus?


Natural UTI prevention is something that could literally benefit every woman in the world. Did you know that in addition to using Healthy Bladder Plus as a bladder leakage treatment, many women are also using it as a form of natural UTI prevention? Unfortunately, bladder problems in women can be incredibly common and also incredibly frustrating. That’s why we created Healthy Bladder Plus! Our goal is to provide women everywhere with a product that improves overall bladder health while also being easy to take.


What makes Healthy Bladder Plus a great option for natural UTI prevention?


Each and every ingredient in Healthy Bladder Plus was chosen in order to create a natural harmony and promote urinary tract health. There are a number of other options out there, so what is it that makes Healthy Bladder Plus so special? We’ve taken great care to research each of our thirteen ingredients and come up with a product in which those ingredients which are already great on their own are combined into something that’s truly special.


You can use Healthy Bladder Plus as a natural UTI prevention method.


Just take a look at the results of our clinical trial to see that nearly three-quarters of the women involved reported a positive response to using Healthy Bladder Plus for twelve weeks. Or take a look at our list of frequently asked questions and you’ll see that our product is not only a great option for natural UTI prevention, but that it may also help to alleviate a number of the other bladder problems in women such as reducing frequency, leakages, and difficulty in emptying the bladder.



We believe that nature holds a number of wonderful healing properties and that many of them have yet to be fully realized and understood by modern science. We also believe that keeping your body chemical-free is one of the best choices you can make. That’s why Healthy Bladder Plus is a great option for women (and men!) who are seeking natural UTI prevention methods.


Our product is vegetarian, GMO-free, and made and tested in the United States of America. Whether you’d like to try it for natural UTI prevention, reduction in nighttime frequency, or simply as a way to support overall bladder health, we invite you to try a bottle today and then let us know what you think.



Additional Tips for Natural UTI Prevention

If you’ve ever experienced the burning discomfort of a urinary tract infection, then you understand the need for preventative measures. These infections are caused when bacteria is introduced into the urinary tract through the urethra. Most commonly, the bacteria is E. coli, which escapes from the large intestine via the anus, but other bacteria can also be introduced into the urinary tract. To help prevent the occurrence of a UTI in your urinary tract, consider these natural UTI prevention tips: (Note that these tips are targeted towards women though many of them will also be relevant to men.)


Stay Hydrated


By keeping plenty of water moving through your body, your system will be able to regularly get rid of bacteria. Regularly flushing bacteria out of your system will reduce your risk of developing a urinary tract infection. Typically, you should try to drink enough water so that your urine is almost clear in color.


Don’t Hold It


Most people have been in a situation where their bodies alerted them that their bladders were full, but they had to “hold it” because a bathroom was not immediately available or because it was an inconvenient time to go. While holding it will not directly cause an infection, it can cause your bladder lining to become more vulnerable to bacteria.


Wipe Front to Back


You were likely taught by your parents to wipe front to back after using the bathroom, but do you know why it’s a good idea? Wiping towards the anal region rather than away from it prevents bacteria in that area from being pushed into the vagina/urethra area. Also, never wipe with the same paper twice.


Take Showers


In general, a shower is a better option than a bath when avoiding urinary tract infections. Soaking in bath water can irritate the urethra as well as expose it to infection-causing bacteria from your skin or bath products. Some women experience more irritation from bathing than others, so simply keep an eye on your body regardless of how you choose to get clean.


Use Tampons


If you deal with a monthly period, trade your sanitary napkins and pads for tampons. Bacteria growth occurs most rapidly in warm, moist areas, so keeping the area around the bladder opening as dry as possible will help prevent infections. Since tampons function inside of the vagina rather than outside, they keep that area much dryer than pads can.


Urinate Before & After Sex


If you’ve ever wondered if the peeing after sex thing is a myth, IT’S NOT. You should empty your bladder before sex and promptly after to flush away any bacteria that may have been introduced into the bladder opening. It is also important to drink extra water following intercourse.


Healthy Bladder Plus™ supports natural UTI Prevention


Healthy Bladder Plus™ incontinence care supplement provides excellent natural UTI prevention and promotes overall bladder health in women and men. It has been shown to bring balance to the urinary tract and significantly aid in the prevention of urinary tract infections. Browse our site to learn more about the all natural ingredients and the bladder health benefits of this clinically proven supplement. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us online.


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