Healthy Bladder Plus® – 1 Bottle

SKU: HBP-001.

Healthy Bladder Plus® – 1 Bottle


Healthy Bladder Plus® is a dietary supplement that supports complete urinary tract health for women. Clinical trials have shown that women taking Healthy Bladder Plus® have experienced significant:

  • Relief from urinary urgency
  • Reductions in leakage
  • Improvement in bladder emptying
  • Improvement in sleep, due to reduced nighttime frequency
  • Benefits in social confidence
  • Relief from embarrassing situations


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Healthy Bladder Plus® uses all Natural Ingredients

Our overactive bladder treatment is a dietary supplement made from thirteen carefully selected ingredients that work together in harmony to promote overall urinary tract health. Each ingredient was selected for a specific reason. Find out more at our 'Ingredients Page'.

With our all natural bladder health supplement, you can look forward to:

A Full Night’s Sleep
With our natural bladder control, you can look forward to a good night’s sleep, long road trips, and all the activities you love.

More Laughter
You can laugh, sneeze, cough and live a more active life without worrying about leaks.

Trusting Your Bladder
How does it sound to say goodbye to bulky pads or disposable underwear? Our bladder supplement can help you take control.

Freedom From Fear
Rather than living in fear of your next accident, live your life with confidence, knowing your bladder won’t let you down.

Restored Balance
Be well, live well. Our supplement can help your body regain balance and make urinary tract infections a thing of the past.

Being Satisfied
with a great product that really works . . . and recommending it to your friends.

1 review for Healthy Bladder Plus® – 1 Bottle

(verified owner)

I don’t write many reviews, but these pills actually, really help. I’ve had to go a lot less and I’m getting up fewer times at night. That’s the main thing. It also hasn’t caused any side effects or interfered with the other medications I’m taking. Having kids took its toll and my bladder problems have been a horrible drag, and I have been desperate to find something that doesn’t look like a pad. I’m so glad I took a chance on this. I did have to go to the website to read the directions because the print was kind of small on the bottle. There was a much better explanation of how to use it there.

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