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Thank Heaven!

“I saw results with Healthy Bladder Plus® in one week’s time… It made a big difference!”
Grandma Pat

Healthy Bladder Plus® for Women is one of the best supplements out there. I have a hard time making it to the bathroom in the right time. After a week of using this product, I noticed there would be less bathroom trips. Also, I don’t feel the need to rush to the bathroom all the time. Overall, this is an amazing product. I would highly recommend it to anybody who has a bladder problem. It has changed a lot in my life.I’ve held off writing this review for a bit in order to give the supplement enough time to begin working if it was going to. I feel that I have given it long enough to be able to tell you that I am beginning to see positive results that I feel are from adding this product to my daily regimen.

— KTH 7/20/2016


I am a mom, and those of us who are moms know that with motherhood comes bladder issues. I went from hardly every having a UTI in my life, to having them at least several times a year, leaking when I cough/sneeze/stand up/sit down/climb stairs or pretty well just breathe, and just overall being unhappy with my bladder but feeling that there was nothing short of some time of surgery to fix it. I’ve done the kegels, I’ve resorted to liners….and it sucks.

I’ve religiously been taking these pills as directed, twice daily (1 in the morning, 1 in the evening) about 45 before meal time. They are average size capsules with no bad after taste or gross burps like some supplements tend to cause. I had the beginnings of a UTI, I believe, when these arrived so I began taking them immediately. Now I will not tell you that they magically cleared up the discomfort with one pill, but they symptoms did begin to ease off after a few days of use. I personally, would rather treat my symptoms with natural remedies than chemical laced medications, but that choice is totally up to you. It is possible that they would have begun clearing up sooner had I doubled up on the capsules as the directions say you can do, but I chose just to do the regular amount.

Overall, I am pleased with this purchase for now. I will continue to use this product for the remainder of the bottle to see if it is something I feel I would spend this amount on to purchase again for my health. If it continues to improve my bladder issues as far as leaking as it says, I will definitely be back for another round.

— Amber C. 07/20/2006


I want to thank and credit this wonderful product for allowing me to keep my job. I have a busy and demanding job, and I just can’t take bathroom breaks every hour, and certainly not right in the middle of dealing with a customer. The urgency problem, combined with how often I was needing to go was actually threatening my ability to work. Now I go like a regular person, every few hours and on my own schedule, when it is convenient for me.

— Tania D


I am delighted with Healthy Bladder Plus®. I told my hairdresser about it, so he can spread the word with all the other girls my age who get their hair done with him.

— Marie, Little Rock, AK


First of all, let me say that I am a man. That makes me a somewhat different customer for a women’s product, but to tell the truth, the only thing I can find out there for men are the prostate formulas, and they haven’t addressed my problem. I sure wish this company would make a product for us guys. I finally managed to swallow my male pride and take this stuff when my wife convinced me. She has been taking it for a while now, and loves  it, so I just started popping a few pills from her bottle. And guess what? I stopped getting up 3 or 4 times a night to pee! That was a really great result for me. Not being able to sleep because you are always being interuppted by having to go to the bathroom is hell. Now I sleep like a log, and I no longer care if I’m taking a woman’s product.
— Bob J


I wish they would invent a new word in the English language to describe my relief at having my bladder problems finally taken care of. Relief just doesn’t cut it. It is like having a ton of bricks taken off my back. Life is so, so much better now.

— Marsha, Plano TX


Gee whiz, why don’t the drugs my doctors prescribe work as well as this thing?

— Nancy K, Phoenix AZ


Great product! It really helps me.

— Florence L, Chicago, IL


Sometimes in life you encounter something that is just so superior to anything you’ve experienced before you just have to start telling people. I have tried to deal with my worsening bladder control problem so hard and for so long, and nothing, I mean nothing, has been as helpful as Healthy Bladder has been for me. I’ve been working with a urologist for several years. I’ve been prescribed most or maybe even all of the prescription and over the counter medicines out there. The problem with those products is the side effects. When my doctor first gave me the prescription, she told me that overactive bladder medications were among the safest prescriptions out there. Well, I guess I interpreted “safest” as meaning “without side-effects”, but in that case I was wrong. They might be safe, as in — no liver damage, no kidney damage, no risk of stroke, etc… but they cause awful constipation! I ended up having to use Miralax on a daily basis just to tolerate my bladder meds! So finally I am on Healthy Bladder, and I am back to being my “regular” old self and not having leakage issues anymore either.
— Janice, Buffalo, NY


My husband is a doctor (rheumatology) and a colleague of his who is a urologist mentioned this product to him, so that’s how I found out about it. Apparently, a lot of doctors are telling their patients to use natural products like this one because with the higher cost of copays nowadays it is cheaper and just as effective as the prescription medicine. My husband’s urologist friend said that Healthy Bladder Plus® had done as well in clinical trials as the pharmaceuticals had, which surprised him, but he had read the clinical trial results himself, so he was fairly confident. This is my second time ordering. I have taken it for a month now, and find that the desperate need to get to a bathroom fast is gone now. The effect has been getting better over the course of the month, as it gradually builds up. I absolutely hated the feeling of insecurity that comes with overactive bladder, and I am loving this natural way of dealing with it. I plan on being a customer for a long, long time.
— Name Withheld, Teaneck, NJ


Deciding to try Healthy Bladder Plus® has been a life changing experience for me. Until now, I have stayed home while my husband goes on trips around the world either by himself or with other family members. I could not go, because I did not want to be far away from a bathroom in a strange place. Truly, my life has revolved around being close to a bathroom for a long time, and the condition has only gotten worse as I get older. Healthy Bladder has been the only product that works well for me, with no side effects, and no interactions with my other medications. Although it starts to work after maybe 2 or 3 days, I didn’t get full benefit for about a month. But now, I feel like I did when I was young — just normal. My life doesn’t revolve around going to the bathroom. My husband and I are planning our next trip now, and I feel great about it. Smiles.
— Beverly Y


I’m pleasantly surprised by how well this product works. I am 76 years old, and I have been having an increasingly difficult time making it to the bathroom in time for the last couple of years. It’s gotten to the point that I rarely go anywhere new, because I don’t know where the bathrooms are. I feel it’s really taking a toll on me. I did try a prescription medicine about a year and a half ago, but it made everything feel so dry. It worked ok, in terms of helping get to the bathroom, but it made my eyes dry, and my mouth dry, and was really uncomfortable, so I stopped taking it. But the problem is getting worse, so I thought I’d give this product a try. First of all, I can definitley say that it’s not giving me any of those side effects, or any side effects as far as I can tell. I just feel normal, not dried out. But, I noticed after using it for about 2 days, that wasn’t getting up at night as much. I used to get up at least 4 times. I think it went down to 3 times after 2 days, but now that I’ve been taking it for 2 weeks I’m oinly going once a night, which is great for me. Also, the desperate feeling of having to get to a bathroom or lose it, is almost gone. Not completely, but a whole lot better. I feel like I could go somewhere new now and find a bathroom when I need to, and not have to plan it out. That’s what I really wanted in a product like this, and I’m very happy with it. I’ll try to update in a couple of months after I see how things have been going.
— Rose


I have been taking Healthy Bladder Plus® for several months now and I finally am taking the time to post. It works so much better than I expected it to. It started to work after only a couple of days and kept getting better for weeks. I feel normal now. I have tried a few other supplements before, but they all have the same ingredients. They all have soy and pumpkin seed extract. This product is totally different. Not that the soy/pumpkin products are bad, but they take a really long time before they start to work, and even then it’s not as effective as this one is. I went off the pills for a few weeks and the symptoms came right back, so I’m planning on sticking this and not going off again.
— Pat B


Hello, my name is Patricia R and in the last couple of years I really noticed my OAB symptoms getting worse and after a visit to the urologist and several hundred dollars later with a prescription that did not even work left me feeling frustrated, desperate as well as physically uncomfortable. I thank God I found your website. I have been faithfully taking two bladder pills a day 1 morning and 1 night 45 min at least before each meal and yesterday at work I noticed I was holding it in for 50 minutes instead of 30 and a couple of times an hour or over. One thing I have noticed is that the urgency to go feeling has subsided tremendously I am so overjoyed and I told a coworker with the same problem about you. Thank you so much and I plan to continue ordering from you every month.
— Patricia R


I am so happy I found this product. It has helped me so much. I was used to getting up at night all the time and couldn’t sleep. Also the money I spent on pads and liners was as much as  the cost of this product. Now I can sleep and go out and not have to buy pads any more. Taking a chance on this product was a smart choice.
— D Lafountain

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