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Tips To Boost The Bladder Health Benefits Of Healthy Bladder Plus®

It’s now 2018, almost 2 years since the launch of Healthy Bladder Plus®! We’ve learned a lot through the feedback of our customers, and were glad to share some valuable insights that can help you make the best of our product and improve results!

Here are some tips to boost the bladder health benefits of Healthy Bladder Plus®


Timing & Consistency

Two of the most frequent issues we’ve encountered are timing and consistency. Taking the supplement regularly without skipping days (or months!) affects much of the outcome. Natural remedies have a cumulative effect, your body must consistently build up on the progress it is making to further improve its condition and achieve long term benefits.


We also recommend taking 1 or more capsule(s) in the morning and 1or more capsule(s) at night. If you can, try to time it so that you take your capsules 30 min. or so before you plan to eat. Your metabolism is already kicking into gear, getting ready to absorb your meal, so it will also absorb Healthy Bladder Plus® better.


Double Down If…

The other most important issue that came to our attention is proper dosage. While our label does recommend 2 capsules per day, it has become clear that many benefit from increasing the intake. Our supplement is 100% natural, does not interfere with hormones or other medication, and it is completely safe to double the dose.

Through our conversations with customers, we were able to identify 8 common situations where it might help to increase the daily dose.


Increase When Starting Your 1st Month of Healthy Bladder Plus®

For faster results take up to 4 capsules per day during your first month to jumpstart your body’s healing process.




Adjust According To Your Height & BMI

There is no strict formula for measuring, but one thing we know is there is absolutely no harm if you should exceed the amount your body requires. Don’t hesitate to increase the dosage according to height and BMI. Taking a little extra of these natural ingredients can only benefit you.



Adjust According To The Severity of Your Symptoms

Anyone with chronic issues such as bladder pain syndrome or simply more severe symptoms of OAB and incontinence should double the daily dose. These conditions cannot yet be cured, but they can be contained!


Adjust According to Other Medications You May Be Taking

Certain prescribed drugs can have a diuretic side effect, which counteracts the benefits of the regular dosage of Healthy Bladder Plus®. If you are taking diuretics, increasing Healthy Bladder Plus® up to 4 capsules a day is safe, and may be of help.


Increase During Your Menstrual Cycle

Estrogen is anti-inflammatory and this hormone is at its lowest during the menstruation, so many women experience lower urinary tracts symptoms and are more susceptible to UTIs. Our unique blend contains many ingredients with anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and demulcent properties to help prevent infections and soothe the bladder wall. Taking more than the regular dosage during your period is a wise move!


While Being Treated For a UTI & After 

While taking antibiotics to treat a urinary tract infection, your bladder needs as much kindness and loves as it could get! You may think that “Cipro” is all you need to feel as good as new, but that’s just stopping the infection by annihilating all the good and bad bacteria in your system! Doctors advise against probiotics and NSAIDs while being treated for a UTI, but nothing in our supplement counteracts with the antibiotic. Instead, Healthy Bladder Plus® helps soothe the bladder wall and strengthen the immune system, since taking antibiotics can temporarily weaken it. Keep your dosage increased up to 1 week after ending your antibiotics and take probiotics as well!


Increase If You Smoke

The chemicals of tobacco smoke move through your body and are filtered into your urine. As the urine sits in your bladder waiting to be eliminated, the toxic chemicals in the urine remain in contact with your bladder and cause damage to the cells and lining of the bladder wall, which may increase your risk of overactive bladder syndrome.


Increase Depending on What You Eat & Drink

Life is for those who enjoy it! It’s normal to have an extra glass of wine or indulge in some succulent spicy food once in a while! Here’s the trick: If you’re planning to go a little wild with the menu and you have a sensitive bladder…Double your dose that day! Our ingredients will be working twice as hard so you don’t pay for it by experiencing discomfort or stronger symptoms.



Give Us Your Feedback!

Do you have a question, comment or story you would like to share with us? We’re always here to listen and help. Connect with us however you prefer: Leave us a comment below, message us on social media, email us at info@healthybladder.com, or simply give us a call at (844) 401-8797.


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