Tips for Bladder Health

Tips for Bladder Health

Here on the Healthy Bladder blog, you know that one of our favorite things to do is provide our readers with tips for bladder health, overall health tips and overall happiness tips as well. After all, a well functioning bladder is only one part of many inter-related systems that your whole mind and body healthy.


You may have noticed that we’re big fans of the phrase “healthy bladder, healthy life.” We truly believe that this is the case, and when it comes to bladder health, it’s also important to stay mentally healthy as well. That’s why we’ve put together some simple yet effective tips for how to get more out of life while you focus on improving your bladder health.


Give These Activities a Try While You Work on Bladder Health


  • Get yourself a massage. Sometimes treating yourself is the best thing you can do and we highly advise that you find a great masseuse and get all of your stress worked out by a professional. You’ll feel so much better than you did before!
  • Try some yoga. Whether that means you go to the yoga studio with your friends or simply pop in a DVD at home, stretching your body and taking the time to breathe and relax can truly work wonders.
  • Stay home and make yourself dinner. There’s a good chance that you cook for yourself often, but that’s not what we mean. Look through your old cookbooks or search online and find a new recipe and then treat yourself to a wonderful dinner.


Foods to eat for Better Bladder Health


Generally, when you hear tips for bladder health that involve food, they’re all about what you can’t eat. Stay away from caffeine, don’t drink any alcohol, hands off of the artificial sweeteners. That’s good advice to be sure. But what can you eat that will actually help your body?


Fortunately, one of the best things you can eat is also one of the ingredients that’s easiest to get into your body—fiber! According to an article on, “because the bladder and colon are in close proximity, being constipated puts constant pressure on the bladder.” That means that getting enough fiber in your diet is more important than ever for those who are looking to improve overall health by implementing a few healthy bladder tips.


So what can you eat?


Look for cereals that are good sources of whole grains. Peas, carrots, and cabbage are easy to implement into most things you’re cooking without drastically changing the flavor. Apples make for the perfect treat in the middle of the day. Whole grain crackers or popcorn are also good if you’re feeling snacky. Just take a look at the label of whatever you’re eating to be sure that you’re getting enough fiber. Women between 18-50 should shoot for around 25 grams each day. If you’re over 50, 21 grams should do the trick.


3 Easy to Implement Tips to Make You Happier


  1. Rearrange a room in your home. We’ve all got that one room that could use a bit of extra attention. Whether it’s become a catchall closet and you want to transform it or it’s simply in need of some extra help, move stuff around, add a few pictures, and maybe a coat of paint and you’ll feel better about it in no time!
  2. On a similar note, why not give your most lived-in rooms in the home a deep clean? It’s easy to let things pile up, so take one room each day and give it a makeover. Clean the tiles, dust the shelves, and tidy up. You’ll feel better about the room in no time! After all, like our moms always said, “clean room, clean mind.”
  3. Spend some time outside. You can do this one no matter what time of the year it is. If you’re reading this during summer, lay in the shade on a hot day. If it’s winter, strap on your snow boots and plow through the powder like you did when you were a kid. Simply spend some time enjoying the little things in life!


For more happiness, life, and healthy bladder tips, keep your eyes on our blog. If bladder health has been getting you down, why not try a bottle of Healthy Bladder Plus? If you have any bladder health tips, or simply general tips for staying healthy, please feel free to let us know!

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